Monday, January 5, 2009

I just want...

to feel better!!! UGH!!! I had a couple of really great weeks: visiting with family, Christmas, got some painting done around the house, cleaned and organized some much needed areas of the house. Now, I've got the sinus gunk AGAIN (at least it's not the terrible food poisoning Aubrey and Brandon had over the weekend. I'll spare you the details, but a word to the wise, AVOID Hong Kong Chinese restaurant in Sulphur!) I have been sicker this winter than ever before. Maybe it's that this back surgery stuff really compromised my immune system. I don't know. I went to Dr. W. on Christmas Eve and my x-rays look good, just not "done". I go back at the end of March so, until then, I'm still in this terribly uncomfortable brace. I'm disappointed, but I'll survive. At least it's not the dead heat of summer. I'll try to update more later and make it a little more "happy", but for now, I'm sanitizing bed linens and towels and then off to bed again.

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kelly said...

Loving the new blog decor! Good start to a new year.