Thursday, February 26, 2009

Random Thoughts From Today...

  1. I still feel awful! When are these antibiotics going to work their "magic"?!
  2. My house needs to be cleaned- BADLY!
  3. We have no food and already being sick, the store seems like death right now.
  5. The "octuplets mom" really annoys me (and not for the reasons you may think). It's time for a haircut, Nadya!
  6. Our social worker is making me coo koo bananas! Finish and file your report already!
  7. The closer we get to egg retrieval and transfer, the more excited I get. Also, the more terrified I get! This process is so unknown to me. I don't want to have my heartbroken.
  8. Why do people think it's okay to judge mothers who become mother through surrogacy? Where do they get the nerve to suggest that "adoption would be a better idea"? Seriously, if you know the answer to this, write me. Maybe it would help me come up with a response.
  9. LOST stresses me out, but I love it.
  10. I just made my first "siggy" for a message board. I'm pretty proud of myself.
  11. My husband is a rock star at his job. I am so proud of him! I mean, who else do you personally know that actually has US patents filed in their name for brilliant ideas that are making companies millions upon millions of dollars?! We don't see a penny from it, but it's cool nonetheless. Dang "intellectual property" clauses!
  12. I need to flatiron my hair. I look like a chia pet.
  13. American Idol stunk last night.
  14. DISHES!
  15. Did I mention I'm still sick?

Aubrey's Spelling Words For This Week...

  • custodian
  • ritual
  • composition
  • competition
  • conspiracy
  • designate
  • divinity
  • reptilian
  • serenity
  • paginate (Is that even a word?!)

These are my favorite of her 22 words this week. Maybe I'll make this my Thursday blog feature :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm Stubborn...

I have been sick for about three months. I get better for a few days and then, BAM!, I'm sick again. I have put off going to the doctor thinking that I could self medicate. Well, yesterday, I had enough. I finally went to the doctor. He looked at me and said "How long have you been sick!?" That's never a good sign. Then he went on, "Your ears are unbelievably infected, your sinuses are completely clogged and infected, and your lungs are full of fluid!" Yep, the verdict: ear infection, sinus infection, and bronchitis. I'm off to bed for the next couple of days, with my antibiotic, nasal spray, and decongestant on my nightstand...praying I get better before this weekend (Brandon's sister and her family are coming to visit)!

Oh, and next time I am sick, tell me to get my rearend to the doctor!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is it really better to be brilliant?...

I'm sitting here calling out spelling words to the female child. Why is it that a 3rd grader's homework is my homework!? I am annoyed. Gone are the days of simple spelling lists and copying your words three times each. No, after Christmas break, they tested each child and gave them their own spelling lists that are at their level (more than one child can be at the same level, but each has to test to that level). Aubrey, of course, scored as high as humanly possible and now has some ridonkulous spelling words. For example, this week, "precision", "ignition", "humane", "criminal", "breathe", and "breath" ( I know lots of grown people who can't get those last two straight!). Oh, and last week's "congregation", "congressional", "autumnal", "solemnity"- these are only samples of the 22 words she has each week! Seriously!? She not only gets graded on her spelling of said words but she also has to put them into categories, this week's being "Long vowel" and "Short vowel". So here I sit, typing and calling out words to her. I wonder what words the "other" kids have... "dog", "cat", "sat"...oh the burden of being intelligent. *sigh*

Edit: I don't know why blogger is breaking up the words "criminal" and "autumnal" but I tried to fix it and it won't let me. Blogger must have something against the words "criminal" and "autumnal"! I do too~they were on my 3rd grader's spelling list! Ugh!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Watch Out, I'm A Bright One...

Last night I did something I have never done before. EVER. I got out of the shower and squirted some control balm/straightener and a dab of heat protection in my hand. I mixed as usual, in said hand. I rubbed both hands together to get the "product" evenly dispersed. Then, normally, I would have run my hands through my hair. But no, not this time. This time, I rubbed the goo, both hands worth, on my face! Yes, that's right. On. My. Face. Let this serve as a warning, watch out for me. I am a bright one.

*It could have been worse. I could have put my face wash in my hair. That would have been bad, considering it bleaches everything it touches and is messy!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We DID It...

Our home study has been done. It went much like I expected it to. The social worker stayed just over an hour; she toured our home, interviewed us and the kids, and was on her merry way. Aubrey had lots of interesting things to say. Here's one gem:

Social Worker: Do you think you'll help your parents with the new baby(ies)?

Aubs: Yeah, (big sigh) I'll probably have to quit school. My mom has no idea what it's like to take care of babies anymore. She's used to Blaine and me who do everything for ourselves!

me: Aubrey, have you ever been a parent?

Aubs: Nope, just read a book. It was about a dog who had puppies, but they were strays and their lives were hard so, it applies.

Ahhh...the mind of our eight year old! That's just one of the exchanges that had me putting my face in my hands and shaking my head. Thankfully, the social worker loved her! She thought she was bright and hilarious (she is, but some people just don't know how to take her)! So, I think we "passed"! We are now waiting for the report to be filed and then we'll go to court. We're still on track for a March 31 egg retrieval and embryo transfer of either April 3 or 5, depending on how many embryos we have. I am SO excited!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wiped Out...

I am wiped out in every way imaginable. One thing that I have learned from our surrogacy journey, so far, is where I am at in my cycle. This may be TMI, but since having my hysterectomy in 2004, I have no need to know (and no way to know) when it's "that time of the month". Well, now I know. It's that time of the month. At least I am able to understand why I am so emotionally and physically drained :) That and I haven't had carbs or sugar in two days! Summer, here I come!

Anyway, we were finally contacted by our assigned social worker today and our home visit is scheduled for this Thursday, the 12th (which is the Incredible Dawn's birthday)! We're nervous but SO ready to get this done and behind us. One more step towards becoming parents again- it's unbelievably exciting!

One more thing, my ginkgo bilboa note got a lot of feedback. Who woulda thunk!? I do not intend on taking it. It was more of a joke because it is said to improve memory and I just really love to say (or type, in this instance) the words ginkgo bilboa. If anyone out there is looking into it, I would say do some research. It's not good to take if you have certain medical problems (I wouldn't be able to take it because I have Raynauds' Syndrome- nothing to worry about. Just means my circulation is poor and my fingers occasionally turn purple. Note to self: take picture of purple fingers for blog) and depending on what study you look at, it may or may not actually work.

That's it for now! Later Taters!

Friday, February 6, 2009

So You Miss Me?

Yes, you! Out there in internet land, you miss me!? I know you do! I haven't been blogging this week because I have felt like poo- yet again! I have been coughing since Monday and it is rather unpleasant. I'm pretty sure I have bronchitis because, well, my mom has the same symptoms so I sent her to the doctor and he said she has bronchitis. Good enough for me. I'm feeling better but still coughing. I think I have inferior lungs.

Anyway, I thought I would give a quick surrogacy update for all you that missed me :) A week ago, we found out that the judge would not waive the home study. It has been ordered, assigned to an investigator, and the paperwork, on our part, has been completed. Now, we wait. We're hoping this all gets done SOON, but there are no guarantees. However since we were not able to skip it (we must seem seedy?), we will not make our original March 3rd egg retrieval. IF the home study is done in time, we are looking at an April 1st egg retrieval and transfer on either the 4th or 6th. Dawn and I had our teaching visit with the IVF nurse on Monday. It was a lot of "stick the syringe in this bottle" and "pull it out to here" and "stick it straight into your fat, flabby stomach" (okay I added the "fat, flabby" part). We are hoping, once again dependent on the great state of Texas, that we will start our injections on March 10. I really hope I remember everything when it gets here (note to self: ginkgo biloba). It's exciting! I just wish it wasn't so much hurry up and wait.

Well, that's all I've got for now. Behave yourselves and I'll be back soon. I promise.