Friday, February 6, 2009

So You Miss Me?

Yes, you! Out there in internet land, you miss me!? I know you do! I haven't been blogging this week because I have felt like poo- yet again! I have been coughing since Monday and it is rather unpleasant. I'm pretty sure I have bronchitis because, well, my mom has the same symptoms so I sent her to the doctor and he said she has bronchitis. Good enough for me. I'm feeling better but still coughing. I think I have inferior lungs.

Anyway, I thought I would give a quick surrogacy update for all you that missed me :) A week ago, we found out that the judge would not waive the home study. It has been ordered, assigned to an investigator, and the paperwork, on our part, has been completed. Now, we wait. We're hoping this all gets done SOON, but there are no guarantees. However since we were not able to skip it (we must seem seedy?), we will not make our original March 3rd egg retrieval. IF the home study is done in time, we are looking at an April 1st egg retrieval and transfer on either the 4th or 6th. Dawn and I had our teaching visit with the IVF nurse on Monday. It was a lot of "stick the syringe in this bottle" and "pull it out to here" and "stick it straight into your fat, flabby stomach" (okay I added the "fat, flabby" part). We are hoping, once again dependent on the great state of Texas, that we will start our injections on March 10. I really hope I remember everything when it gets here (note to self: ginkgo biloba). It's exciting! I just wish it wasn't so much hurry up and wait.

Well, that's all I've got for now. Behave yourselves and I'll be back soon. I promise.


kelly said...

finally. yes, i missed you.

Allison said...

Well, at least it's only a month. I know you're so am I. :)

Ok, I gotta know....what was the note to self about gingko biloba? Does that help in some way?? I need all the help I can get.

Jennifer said...

1) Don't take the Ginko without your doctor's consent. Barb at HIVF said not to take anything in addition to what meds you are assigned because they may interfere with whatever it is they are doing to get your ready for ER. She told me not to even take a probiotic to help fend off the yucky yeast that occurs with antibiotics! Thankfully my prenatal has it in there, so it wasn't anything extra I had to take! But natural/homeopathic stuff can really cause problems with medications if you aren't careful!

2) I'm sorry you guys got stuck with a stubborn judge and the home study, but hopefully it will all go smoothly (and quickly) and you'll be poking your tummy before too much longer :) It will be here before you know it!!!