Thursday, February 26, 2009

Random Thoughts From Today...

  1. I still feel awful! When are these antibiotics going to work their "magic"?!
  2. My house needs to be cleaned- BADLY!
  3. We have no food and already being sick, the store seems like death right now.
  5. The "octuplets mom" really annoys me (and not for the reasons you may think). It's time for a haircut, Nadya!
  6. Our social worker is making me coo koo bananas! Finish and file your report already!
  7. The closer we get to egg retrieval and transfer, the more excited I get. Also, the more terrified I get! This process is so unknown to me. I don't want to have my heartbroken.
  8. Why do people think it's okay to judge mothers who become mother through surrogacy? Where do they get the nerve to suggest that "adoption would be a better idea"? Seriously, if you know the answer to this, write me. Maybe it would help me come up with a response.
  9. LOST stresses me out, but I love it.
  10. I just made my first "siggy" for a message board. I'm pretty proud of myself.
  11. My husband is a rock star at his job. I am so proud of him! I mean, who else do you personally know that actually has US patents filed in their name for brilliant ideas that are making companies millions upon millions of dollars?! We don't see a penny from it, but it's cool nonetheless. Dang "intellectual property" clauses!
  12. I need to flatiron my hair. I look like a chia pet.
  13. American Idol stunk last night.
  14. DISHES!
  15. Did I mention I'm still sick?

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Jennifer said...

I am so sorry that you are still "down"! Morgann (my baby girl, ok, only girl) has been sick since Thursday around 11PM when she puked all over my just cleaned carpet! Nice!!! I thought it was the flu, but now think she's progressed to something else since her fever keeps going up and not down, and she is now being force-fed water because dehydration is setting in! Thank God I had already scheduled a "well check" for her at the pedi tomorrow afternoon!!!

What's going on with the social worker? Email me if you want: I'm curious about what's going on with you & Dawn :)