Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is it really better to be brilliant?...

I'm sitting here calling out spelling words to the female child. Why is it that a 3rd grader's homework is my homework!? I am annoyed. Gone are the days of simple spelling lists and copying your words three times each. No, after Christmas break, they tested each child and gave them their own spelling lists that are at their level (more than one child can be at the same level, but each has to test to that level). Aubrey, of course, scored as high as humanly possible and now has some ridonkulous spelling words. For example, this week, "precision", "ignition", "humane", "criminal", "breathe", and "breath" ( I know lots of grown people who can't get those last two straight!). Oh, and last week's "congregation", "congressional", "autumnal", "solemnity"- these are only samples of the 22 words she has each week! Seriously!? She not only gets graded on her spelling of said words but she also has to put them into categories, this week's being "Long vowel" and "Short vowel". So here I sit, typing and calling out words to her. I wonder what words the "other" kids have... "dog", "cat", "sat"...oh the burden of being intelligent. *sigh*

Edit: I don't know why blogger is breaking up the words "criminal" and "autumnal" but I tried to fix it and it won't let me. Blogger must have something against the words "criminal" and "autumnal"! I do too~they were on my 3rd grader's spelling list! Ugh!

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