Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wiped Out...

I am wiped out in every way imaginable. One thing that I have learned from our surrogacy journey, so far, is where I am at in my cycle. This may be TMI, but since having my hysterectomy in 2004, I have no need to know (and no way to know) when it's "that time of the month". Well, now I know. It's that time of the month. At least I am able to understand why I am so emotionally and physically drained :) That and I haven't had carbs or sugar in two days! Summer, here I come!

Anyway, we were finally contacted by our assigned social worker today and our home visit is scheduled for this Thursday, the 12th (which is the Incredible Dawn's birthday)! We're nervous but SO ready to get this done and behind us. One more step towards becoming parents again- it's unbelievably exciting!

One more thing, my ginkgo bilboa note got a lot of feedback. Who woulda thunk!? I do not intend on taking it. It was more of a joke because it is said to improve memory and I just really love to say (or type, in this instance) the words ginkgo bilboa. If anyone out there is looking into it, I would say do some research. It's not good to take if you have certain medical problems (I wouldn't be able to take it because I have Raynauds' Syndrome- nothing to worry about. Just means my circulation is poor and my fingers occasionally turn purple. Note to self: take picture of purple fingers for blog) and depending on what study you look at, it may or may not actually work.

That's it for now! Later Taters!

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Allison said...

Good luck tomorrow. Let us know what happens.