Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Heather and the Awesomely Fantastic Day...

I plan on writing two posts today. It will depend on how far I can get on this awful, outdated 2006 desktop computer (more to come on that in the other post). So, anyway, I thought I would start with happy...

Oh my goodness! I just got a text from one Ashley K.!!! Hold on. Okay, I'm back. That was exciting! (If you knew Ashley, you would understand.) Anyway, this past weekend was my birthday. My awesomely awesome friends threw the best birthday party ever for me and another great friend, Mariela. It was an 80's themed night full of dancing, big hair, tacky clothes, and fun. My friends are the absolute best. I felt so special and loved! So without further ado, here are some hilarious pictures:The gang minus two.

Dawn, me, and Kelly before the party

Darcas and me- PARTY pic!

Kelly doing what she remembers about the 80s- being born!

Ashley and me doing our "Romy and Michelle" with Darcas crashing the background.

My "Vogue" pose

Darcas, Kelly, Mariela, me, and Rachel

Dawn and me

Who knew Twizzlers could be so much fun!?

Rachel and me- PARTY pic!

The birthday girls!

Jenny (who is 20wks with twins, btw) and Old Heather :)

Kelly may be the funniest person I know!

I had a blast! I can never say thank you enough to the wonderful friends that did this for me and the wonderful friends who came to share it with me! You guys rock!


Anonymous said...

These are great pictures! Looks like you had alot of fun and a great birthday. Rachel - I love the gold tights!
Happy Birthday Heather!
-Wendy Jones

kelly said...

I am, believe me, I am the funniest person you know. And that really isn't saying much.

Ashley said...

Our pleasure, believe me! We heart Heather.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing your birthday pictures with us!!! So glad you had fun, and weren't the only dork there dressed in 80's attire :)