Monday, January 12, 2009

How Quickly We Forget...

I sat down last night and read through this blog. When I got to my August/September blogs, I sobbed. I have been feeling so much better, physically, that I have completely forgotten how bad off I was. One blog in particular, I wrote the week before my surgery. I listed the simple things I was looking forward to being able to do again, post op. It absolutely broke my heart. I am happy to report that I can do things like move without grunting and groaning, get in bed by myself (with the help of my step), dry myself off after a shower, and get into my vehicle without having to pick up my legs! I still am unable to bend, but this is not because I can't, it's because my doctor won't allow it. I make do though. I have become so much more limber than I was before. I can put on my socks, shoes, and pants- all without bending. I can pick up almost everything with my toes and put it in my hands, without bending. Things I have to get low for, like plugging something in, unloading the bottom rack of the dishwasher, or getting something from lower cabinets, I squat. I have adapted and assuming my knees hold out (I wonder some days), I don't know if I'll ever go back to bending. It's so much easier on your back to squat (and better for the thighs :) Although it's inconvenient not to bend and I am terribly hot and uncomfortable in this awful back cast, I am in NO pain! I have moments when I forget that altogether and I had definitely forgotten how bad the pain was. I am so thankful this surgery was successful and can't wait for my full release. On to bigger and better things!

*Note: I think I've decided to attempt to watch "Bones" and "CSI:" on the internet Friday mornings. Just in case all of you that offered help, cough, no one, cough, were wondering.
**Sara, I love "Bones"! Deal with it! And yes, your misspellings drive me crazy!

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