Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not Much...

It's amazing how things tend to get quieter when children are sick. Aubrey and Blaine have been spending their days sitting around or sleeping. Brandon caught "it", so he's been working from home the last couple of days. I have managed to stay well and am hoping the worst is over.

So, I'm going to take this opportunity to respond to a few comments:

From the post "Things Heather Hate..."

Ashley said...
I'm kinda scared of you now, especially because you put people who are always late. However, I noticed that flighty people did not make the list-phew!
Ahhhh... Ashley, you never have to be scared of me! I ♥ you! Your lateness enables me to a)spend more time with you or b)spend more time with Zoey- both of which I enjoy!
Scott said...
I hate when you wake up 5-10 minutes before the alarm goes off! What are you supposed to do? Wake up? Go back to sleep? Not a good way to start the day.
Scott-Since you wrote this, I have been waking up exactly 9 minutes before my alarm- on a DAILY basis! It now has an honorary place on the list and you can lift the curse you placed on me. Thanks in advance!
Sara said...
i love how creepy carwly things always hop in your hair!! haha
Sara- not funny- AT ALL, brings tears to my eyes in fact! And you misspelled "crawly"!!! Scott, can you please put said curse from above comment on Sara? Thank you in advance!

From the post: "Don't Forget the Lyrics :)"

Sara said...
We used to sing, "hold me closer Tony Danza" instead of Tiny Dancer

Correction Sara- YOU used to sing, "hold me closer Tony Danza"! Admittedly, I used to sing (stopped last week, in fact), "hold me close I'm tired of dancin'". Much better than "Tony Danza", in my humble yet accurate opinion!
Allison said...
Correct lyric: Secret Agent Man
What I sing: Secret Asian Man
Correct lyric: Big Ole Jet Airliner
What I sing: Big Ole Jet Carolina
Correct lyric: Gimme the beat boys
What I sing: Gimme the Beach Boys
Correct lyric: Peaceful, easy feeling
What I sing: East Coast, easy feeling
It's not "secret Asian man"??????

From the post: "I'm Tired..."

Ashley said...

Ashley-I'm not sure if you were annoyed with me or tired too? I assumed you meant to say "I ♥ you, Heather!"
kelly said...
Ashley and I are just precious.

Heck yeah, gots that right! I think Ashley was mean to me though, KEEELLLLLLYYYYYY!!!
sara said...
single, working parents just do it.

sara said...
oh, and we pray

Sara-I love you, sis! I think of you all the time and really respect what you do on a daily basis! I'm in awe. Seriously.

From the post: "My Sweet, Overly Irritable Blaine..."

sara said...
i think you're partial to blaine cause aubrey is more like me and blaine is more like, well, you and scott
Sara- Aubrey is definitely more like you. I'll give you that. And Blaine is definitely more like Scott. But Blaine is like me? I don't think so. I'm going to go throw a hissy fit now, thank you very much!

Thanks to everyone who left comments and messages of congratulations regarding our surrogacy journey! I really do appreciate all of you! And yes, Kelly, it is always something at the Bello household! I like it that way! Gives me something to blog about :)


Ashley said...

In response to your response-the sheesh was meant to commiserate with how crazy your day was. So there. And I do heart you.

kelly said...

ashley's lying. she really hates you. she's just trying to cover it up now.

I'm glad its always something at the Bello household too, I like to live vicariously.

;) said...

LOL! :) You are hilarious! :) Hope everyone is well now!

Btw, Nolyn's birthday party is on the 7th of Feb at noon. We would LOVE to have y'all come over if you're available.

heather said...

Can't believe you have a blog and didn't bother to share the news!! I love blogs and am now going to read yours every single day. Well, maybe not every day b/c I doubt you'll post every day...especially now that your computer has perished. I feel your pain, truthfully.

I'm sure I can count on your to write funny things and help me get in some laughs each day. :)

Love ya!