Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Sweet, Overly Irritable, Blaine...

If you know me personally, on a daily basis, this post will not come as shocking. I am a bit partial to my Blaine. There is just something about that boy that makes my heart melt. It may be his head full of curly hair or his beautiful green eyes. It may just be that he's gorgeous or maybe it's just that something that little boys do to their moms. I don't know. It's always been that when he and his sister are both doing the same undesirable act, he is going to get off easier. I'm honest about this problem and I really am taking steps to correct it. I am already working on my attitude towards his future wife.

If you know us personally, this won't come as shocking either. Blaine may be adorable in every physical way, but boy is that kid temperamental! I know some of you want to jump and blame me for this, but truth is, he's always been this way. That kid came flying out of the womb with an attitude! He was an incredibly fussy baby, the kind that would scream for literally hours straight to get what he wanted. Well what he wanted was always his momma. *insert small sneaky smile from momma here* It was difficult. He didn't walk until 19 months old because he insisted on being held by me all the time, not even Daddy would do. No bathroom trip was complete for me without Blaine screaming like he was being tortured to death outside the door. I remember his toddlerhood like this:

And my personal favorite...

Yep, most pictures we tried to take of him were taken by me, looking down at him screaming his head off, begging to be picked up. Gosh, I love that kid!

Now, at seven years old, he is still very partial to certain people (he does tolerate his dad now though). He gets set off pretty easily and most of the time, no one knows why. Luckily, his teacher at school dotes on him like I do. Looks will get you pretty far in life! In all seriousness, we are working on attitude. It's a long road ahead, but here's what happened yesterday...

Blaine was sitting at the table working on his homework (without me threatening his life!) and being sweet to his sister.

me: You sure are in a good mood today!

Blaine: Yeah, I am. It's weird. I'm usually very, very angry!

Ahhhh, small steps.

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sara said...

i think you're partial to blaine cause aubrey is more like me and blaine is more like, well, you and scott