Thursday, March 12, 2009

What I Learned This Morning...

It's been a hard week. It started out with a time change (which I am convinced is a government conspiracy to make people sleepy) and Brandon being out of town. Those two things directly contributed to me being a walking zombie from Sunday to Tuesday. Then, our home study report was supposed to be filed by Wednesday. Exciting, right? There's a concrete date that it *has* to be done by. We held out hope for 45 days that it would be done sooner, but at least there was March 11, if all else fails. Yesterday, March 11-finally here!!! Whoo!!! Nothing. I waited all day to hear the news only to get a "It's not done yet." when I checked on it. So much for "court orders" right? Apparently "court orders" mean zilch when you are the state. Our home visit was done on February 12. No one can explain to me why the report on said visit would take a month much less more. I was incredibly (and understandably, I think) upset and frustrated yesterday afternoon-one more day down the drain. Plus, we're running out of pills and will have to refill if this is not done by Monday- $65 more than I should be spending and our attorney is going out of town tomorrow afternoon and won't be back until Wednesday. So, if we don't get to court tomorrow, it won't be before Wednesday.

This morning, I took the kids to school and was listening to the local Christian station on the way home. The DJ said that she has recently learned that waiting is always made easier when you wait on the Lord rather than waiting on "the thing". Wow! I so needed to hear that. I have decided not to stroke out and instead wait on the Lord. If we hear something, I'm sure you'll hear me scream from NE Houston around the world.

In other news, I have my big back appointment with my surgeon tomorrow. I am praying to be able to trash this gigantic back brace and move on with my life post back surgery. Six months is a looooonnnnnnng time in a back brace.

To answer a few questions:
  • No, we do not live near a pig farm (hilarious Jenn!). We live in a pretty urban area- the middle of a subdivision. However the pig got here, it's pretty incredible that it wound up in my yard of all yards.
  • As far as the ridiculous debt collector, apparently the debt he's wanting to collect is with Columbia House- you know the DVD, music order thingy. Well, they're a scam in and of themselves and there is no way to reach an actual person there. That's part of the problem. When the charge was originally and fraudulently made, I could not contact them to let them know that, neither could my bank. I googled the "debt collector's" number and they have a TON of fraud claims against them. I put a fraud alert on my credit and am keeping an eye on it. If something appears, I'll file a dispute. Hopefully, they are going to leave me alone.

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