Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More Random Thoughts...

Today has been way overwhelming. I started out the day being upset at how our social worker drags her feet and is in no hurry whatsoever to help us. I ended it by screaming on the phone with a debt collection agency who is threatening my credit score over a charge made in my name when my identity was stolen in September 2007. So, I'm bringing back the random thoughts for today...

  1. I think I'm going to join Kelly in the "I can never eat pork again" camp.
  2. Why is it that people only get in a hurry for themselves? Why do they think they're doing good when they squeak in at the deadline, instead of having it done days earlier instead of playing solitaire online (at least that's what I imagine her, uh, I mean them doing.)?
  3. I am so eager and excited to get moving with this surrogacy, but at the same time I am scared stupid that something will go wrong or the baby won't like me or something like that.
  4. I was so angry on the phone with that jerk of a debt collector that I not only began to cry, I was shaking and felt like I was having a stroke! Seriously, I filed a police report and handled this back in October of 2007 and now they want to come after me!? And would you believe that when I began to question them about how they think they can do that when all they have is my name and phone number correct (everything else is the "real" person's information), said jerk hung up on me!!! I called the number back and he picked up and hung up the phone again!
  5. In October of 2007 when the identity theft occurred, I filed a police report and gave them all the information I could gather on the impostor me from the creditors they'd taken out debts with. I handed them the person's birthdate, social security number, address (they were paying their phone service, internet, and blockbuster delivery with my account-smart crooks!), email address, and even their first pet's name. The good ol' detective did nothing! Zilch! Nada! My bank refunded me my money and and changed my account number. I guess that was supposed to satisfy my lust for their head. Since then, the people have tried several times to get car loans in my name and now, a year and a half later, here I am with debt collectors threatening to ruin my credit! Oy!!! I want these people in jail! They disgust me. I know where they live (about a mile down the road) and I want to go confront them myself, but Brandon says I can't.
  6. I ordered our meds today for the IVF cycle! They should be here tomorrow!!!
  7. I will attend my first ever school board meeting tomorrow night. I'm nervous. It's about a school boundaries proposal and I have a feeling it's going to get ugly.
  8. Dieting is hard work.
  9. My house is once again a wreck. It's an endless cycle: clean, dirty, clean, dirty... you get my point.
  10. I'm going to lunch with Rachel tomorrow. I love Rachel.

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Jennifer said...

Years ago, we had a debt collector threatening to put Michael into jail for not giving him $1000 right then, on the phone. Can you imagine??? We called an attorney that specialized in this sort of thing and he sent them a cease & desist letter, telling them that they were breaking a number of laws under the "fair debt collection act". We never heard from them again :) Go online and get a copy of this act for yourself - maybe from Write them a letter informing them of your rights, as outlined in the "act" and tell them that they can no longer contact you. If they do, you can contact a lawyer and sue. They prey on the uninformed and are trained to do so. They are vulchers. Don't let them rattle you because they win! Just educate yourself and fight have rights and they are breaking the law! :)

Can you tell I hate debt collectors too????