Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Momentous Day...

Well, everything went great. The worst part of the entire thing was my nerves. I was making myself crazy waiting for them to take me to the OR. I guess what you really want to know is how many, right?! We got 8 eggs! I'm really happy with that number and had to laugh about it. Everyone I know has been picking on me saying "You're the next Octomom!", then we get 8 perfect :) NOTE: We will only be using two, this time and freezing any we have over that number!

One thing interesting...Dr. Gill came in before they took me back and explained to me why he decided to do it today. The nurse had said, Friday afternoon, that my progesterone had taken a big jump and he didn't want me to ovulate. Well, Dr. Gill said that the reason my progesterone took that jump was because one or two of my follicles had already ovulated! The ovulated follicles release the progesterone and tell your uterus (if you have one :) that it's time to head into another phase of the process. He was concerned that the rest of the follicles would ovulate, so they triggered me immediately. He also said that if we had been putting the embryos back in me, we would have had to cancel the entire cycle because of the change to the uterus from this happening! I am so glad that the nurse left all that out on Friday. I would have been nervous about ovulating all weekend!

So, thanks everyone for the well wishes! I'm good and so relieved that part is done! We'll know tomorrow how many fertilized and whether we are transferring on Tuesday or Thursday. I'll update then!

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