Thursday, July 9, 2009


Yesterday was a HUGE day for our family! It was my dear husband's 34th birthday and that would have been exciting enough, but it just kept getting better and better. I was able to cheat and get us a "sneak peek" at Baby Bello. It was wonderful! Dawn, her husband Roger, Brandon, and me, of course, were there, but it also worked out that my brother, Scott, and my mom came too. Most importantly, the ultrasound place allowed us to bring Aubrey and Blaine! I cannot even put into words how much it meant to me to sit with them on either side of me as we were able to watch their baby brother stretch and squirm. To see the looks on their faces was truly priceless. That' right! I said baby brother!!! We're having a boy! I am totally surprised. I just had a hunch all along that it was a girl. We can't all be right all the time :) I would have been 100% happy either way. It's hard to explain after longing for this baby for such a long time, but everything after being pregnant, is just extra. I cannot wait to hold my sweet little boy!

Then, at 11:03 last night, on his Uncle Brandon's birthday, our newest nephew came into the world! We are so thrilled for J & D and that Daniel Isaac has joined our family. What his birth mother has done is something I cannot begin to imagine. May God bless her and comfort her. Welcome to the family Daniel!

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