Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Physically, okay...

mentally, not so much. My husband and a few wonderful friends from church have a maid service coming starting tomorrow. I sobbed hysterically for awhile when I found out. Not because it was such a nice thing to do or I'm so happy, but because it is a solid realization that I cannot do it myself. I want to clean my own house. Mentally, I'm messed up.

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Royce said...

One of the hardest things to do is let others help us, especially when we are the ones normally doing the helping or taking care of others.

Maybe another way to think of all of this is the best way you can take care of your family right now is to take care of yourself! You're an excellent mother and wife! You take care of the clan through thick and thin, and right now it's time for them and your support system to help you!

So, try to relax, let your family take care of you for once, and focus on getting well! You can do it Momma B! :)