Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Baby is SEVEN Today!!!

Where to begin...I guess with today. Blaine's 7th birthday is today! I cannot believe how quickly it all goes by. When you have a baby, everyone says "Enjoy them when they're little, because before you know it..." Well, I am here to say that it's so true! In so many ways, my kids seemed to be babies forever (maybe it's because they're a mere 14 months apart!!!), but in other ways, it went by way too fast. I do like sleeping through the night though :). Blaine is so excited about his birthday. He has been referring to himself as "the birthday boy" all week. Tonight, we are going to CiCi's for dinner and then, Shankz- black light miniature golf per his request. It should be a lot of fun. Brandon's parents are coming in tomorrow (for the weekend!) and my mom is coming in on Saturday for the birthday bash. I am so excited. I love it when we get to have company, especially our families!!!

As for me, I've been feeling pretty good the last couple of days, but taking it VERY easy. Today will be the test, I have to grocery shop and that has historically been bad news.

This house is still here. No one has even "seen" it since May 22. I'm frustrated. We reduced our price a month ago and added an incentive. Still, no one. I'm really hoping something will happen this weekend (but not during the party!). The house (our dream house) we wanted, but was a little out of our price range, was reduced again this week! That makes the total reductions, since it's been on the market, $170,000! This reduction alone was $56,000! Yes, you read that right. It is now affordable for us and it just seems too good to be true (it may be if this house doesn't sell!). I'm really hoping!

I'll leave you with this. This is what I woke up to on Saturday morning...

Yes, that is my husband (the "I am so totally awesome, you can't contain it." version) standing in front of the bounce house, that he brought in to blow up, in our living room!

Here he is again with it blown up and very proud of himself.

The kids loved it!

The "perfect" addition to our living room!

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*~*Dawn*~* said...

HA! TOO funny!!

Take it easy today. Let me know if you need anything :) .

Happy Birthday Blaine!!