Saturday, December 5, 2009

The moment we'd all been waiting for...

Dawn started having contractions last Sunday morning at 2am. She let me know around 2:45, but she wasn't sure it was the real thing. This was her 7th delivery and she has always been induced- NEVER had natural labor. We texted back and forth for awhile and then at 4:30, she went to the restroom and saw she was bleeding lightly. She decided it was probably time to get to the hospital- not that anything was wrong, but that that meant it was real. She was still pretty comfortable and really wanted to labor as long as possible at home, but decided she should be checked just to be safe. We got to the hospital about 6am, they checked her and said she was 7-8cm! We were shocked. They went ahead and ordered her epidural. It took about 15 min, they came in gave it to her and broke her water. Almost immediately, Abram had a big decel in heart rate. They had her turn on her side and put the O2 on her. It worked for about 15 sec and then his heart rate skyrocketed. They put on an internal monitor and found it was even higher 220+ and not coming down. The doctor said he was going to watch it for 2 min and if it didn't come down, they would head for the OR. He checked her again, about 15 secs after he said that, and she was bleeding dark red blood. He said "That's it! Let's move!" He told us he thought there was a possible placental abruption. They took her back and so began the scariest 35 min of my life! It's impossible to describe what it's like to sit in an empty labor room, staring at a clock tick, while fearing for the lives of your unborn child and your best friend. Makes me cry just thinking about that morning. We went from arriving at the hospital at 6am to delivery by emergency c-section at 7:17am. He came out screaming and good. Doctor really thinks the placenta had begun to detach early. The whole thing could have ended much differently, but I'm ecstatic to report that both Abram and Dawn are well. God is so good!

Abram stayed for a mere 24 hours, being born at 37 weeks 1 day (not too shabby on timing :). He's a delightful baby and nursing is going wonderfully. Aside from his very first feeding post-birth (by the nurses in the nursery..ugh!), he has been exclusively breastfed! We are now a happy family of 5.

Without further ado, presenting James "Abram" Bello, born November 29, 2009 at 7:17am, weighing 7lbs 7oz and 19 3/4 in long. Carried, with love, for nine months by his surro-mom, Dawn.


Chris and Ali said...

Dear Heather,

Wow... what a blessing? I am so glad all is well with Dawn and baby Abram. He is soooo precious. What do his siblings think of the new baby? Are they ecstatic or warming up to the idea? Thanks for sharing all of details of his birth and the great pics. It sounds like it was really touch-and-go for awhile. Was Dawn scared? I absolutely love the new proud family of five picture with the kiddos in big brother/big sister tee's. Where did you buy them? I hope to be sharing in all of this amazing joy this same time time next year. Abram will be one and we'll hopefully be first time parents of a precious boy or girl. Please email me your address I wanted to send along a little baby gift from Chris and I.

Ali and Chris from England

Rebecca said...

Congrats! That would be so scary, I am glad everything turned out ok. I can't wait to be holding my baby in 2010, we are 5 weeks today! Your family is gorgeous. Good job Dawn!

Ashley said...

Wow, Heather. He is so beautiful! Such a beautiful and perfect little face! Congratulations, Bello family!

Jennifer said...

So happy to see the family pic - hadn't seen that one yet! And Dawn looks amazing, even having undergone what she want through! We are so happy for you all and are thankful that God has his hands on all of you that morning!!

Blessings to you all this Christmas :)