Monday, November 16, 2009

Family/Surrogacy Pictures

We got together with Dawn and her family last weekend to take some pictures. My dear friend Rachel manned (womanned?) the camera and we got some great shots. Dawn is 34 weeks pregnant in these...
The above picture is all the kids, Dawn's and mine, hands on her ever growing belly. I love it. It reminds me of all the love it took to get here and how this really has been a joint effort between two families. Surrogacy, specifically Dawn, has blessed me more than I could ever put into words. I am looking forward to holding our sweet boy in the next few weeks and seeing the joy on both our families' faces when each of us sees him for the first time. He is one fortunate little guy to have so many people love him already!


Chris and Ali said...

These photos are completely creative and totally gorgeous!!! I absolutely love the first pic and the pic with Dawns pregnant belly and all of the little hands around it. Kudos to the Rachel the photographer! Maybe she can take mine come the time. Baby Abram will be here soon!! You must feel so blessed. Thanks to you and Dawn for posting these beautiful 'works of art'.
Ali and Chris

kelly said...

question: where is chelsea's hand in the hand picture?

heather said...

Ali- Thanks so much! They are definitely something I will treasure forever and I think every IP should have some done :)

Kelly- She had laid down while we were taking pictures she was not in, and fallen asleep. We decided not to wake her.

Jennifer said...

Love these so much! You all look wonderful :) I will have to say something to Doug & Allison about us doing something similar as our time approaches.

And seriously?!? 34 weeks??? Really???? I am almost as big as she is at 16 weeks - ALMOST, not quite. But geez! I look like a house by the time I hit the 34 week point!

Chris and Ali said...

When's the baby coming? Post the pics and the precious news just as soon as you can. We're anxiously awaiting his arrival. :)

Ali and Chris in England