Friday, November 7, 2008

Tomorrow's Game Day!!!

We have decided to end our era of being unsocial! We love to entertain and have people over, but have been unable to since my back surgery. Well, that all ends tomorrow! We are having a big party for the LSU vs. Alabama game. I LOVE, no ADORE LSU football. It's a sickness really, but I am not in denial about our lack of ability this year. The Georgia and Florida games made me sick! I was screaming like a mad woman at the TV and I really could have ripped someone's head off. I am preparing myself for tomorrow's game to be even more upsetting, so I decided it best to have friends here to watch it with. Maybe being surrounded by my best church friends will make me act more "Christian" towards Les Miles, Nick Saban, and their respective teams. We'll see... I plan on taking some pictures (I'm making a super cool football field cake!) and I'll post them at the beginning of the week. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Hahaha! :)

Definitely post pics of that cake!