Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm a Slacker!

I know I've been absent. I don't know, however, what's wrong with me. I have been feeling blah. I think it may have to do with my insane addiction to Spider Solitaire (my win percentage is 11% on difficult!). That plus the stock market and dieting, Voila! you have the makings for a blah
couple of weeks. Anyway, here are the pictures I promised of the cake I made for the LSU/Alabama game. It was really cute and I have to give Brandon credit for the goal posts. We had a great time even if we did lose in overtime. LSU really needs a good quarterback!

I'll try to update again soon. I plan on getting out of the funk real soon :)


Ashley said...

I am totally impressed with the cake. Move over, Martha Stewart!

kelly said...

LOVE IT! I'm hungry now.